A Little About Me.

Hi, I'm Chandler, owner and creator of Vicary Photography.

Wife to Josh and mom to two sweet littles named Willow and Shepherd, I am a small town Texas girl learning how to live a city life in Denver, Colorado. I'm pretty down to earth and enjoy the simpler things, like drinking coffee on my back porch in the morning. I am blessed to get to stay home with my kids while still pursuing this dream of wedding and lifestyle photography.

Vicary Photography was an idea that formed in early 2015. I knew I wanted to be able to stay home with my kids while they were small, but I also knew I needed a creative outlet, somewhere that was my own space to dream and do and push myself to grow. Being a mom will always be my first priority and passion, but photography has become a little dream come to life.

What does Vicary mean?

My full name is Chandler Vicary Allen. I was named in honor of dear friends of my parents, and have loved having such a unique and meaningful name. In 2001, my mother's dream of opening a restaurant came to life when she opened the Vicary House Tearoom in our small hometown of Pampa, TX. She named it the Vicary House in tribute to me as well as her friend, and I spent the better part of my childhood working at the tearoom and helping in small ways to make her dream a reality. Now, the name Vicary holds even more meaning than it did when I was a child. Having watched my mom work and strive to fulfill her  dreams, I am so proud of the legacy that the name Vicary holds.